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    Thanks for all the feedback, everyone. I’m setting this entry to “Under Review” for a number of reasons:
    - The subject line and vote count of this entry warrants direct and immediate attention – and I assure you, you’ve got it
    - We’ve put a lot of resources on bug fixing lately and hopefully you’ll notice the improvements in upcoming major and minor (“Update”) releases
    - A number of items brought up here are right now being worked on (e.g. Mr. Noo’s complaint about components moving locally at different speeds for objects with different scales and Gerard’s complaint that you can’t snap to a local rotation axis)
    - We’re listening…

    On that last point, we are looking everywhere for feedback on Maya’s latest releases and how we can improve its stability and robustness. Mr. Noo, you’re absolutely right – loads of features alone isn’t what encourages users to move to…

    AdminShuting (Admin, Feedback for Autodesk Maya) commented  · 

    Hi Gerard,

    Is there anything specific you can remember so we can fix from our side?

    Thank you,

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