How can we improve Maya LT?

MEL Scripting Improvements

Please this is very important

1. Restore the functioning of "Fopen", "Fwrite" and "Fprint" to reflect the Maya full version ( for script compatibility reason)

2. Authorize the Usage of the Function "System"

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  • fuzzzzzzfuzzzzzz commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    a last one message to explain in detail, what we really need with Mel Scripting in maya LT.

    How do we writing wonderful MEL scripts

    1. At the beginning, you start with "fopen $myfile -w;",
    2. then other functions are executed and then add data into the file using "fprint $myfile $mydata;",
    3. and then at the end of the process in the script we are using "fclose $myfile;"
    4. then to go further, we just want in the case we writing a batch file, to be able to launch the batch with the help of the function System.

    most scripts are structured like that :

    fopen $myfile -w;
    fprint $myfile $mydata;
    fclose $myfile;
    system ( $myfile, $myApp );

    But with your system the function fWriteAllLines or fWriteAllText, should be used to write some news variables that must to store all the data you want to parse into your external file at then end of the process.

    And if we want our variables to be "fPrint" to be incremented, its just the mess...

    From my experiences with MESA and the export/import process in/from maya,
    I can say that it would not be the most handful method to use the mel scripting to extract data other then vertices, Uv data, skin, joint position /rotation,
    and access the morph data.

    I tried using MESA to import 12k polygons character from LEft4Dead2, it took me like 5/7 minutes to import and read all the data be fore i can do something.
    SO if you, at AutodesK, you are scared that some bad intented people could used mayaLT to extract and Write some data using the fopen -write function ,
    can you tell me what we could want to export, as ther is no particle aor paint fx artisan tools in maya LT, so there is NO reason right now , to export anything else, than vertices, uvs, skin , joints, and read into materials to get the path of the textures.

    It reduce greatly the non legit usage of mayaLT , and that not a reason anymore to control the number of Byte that the fWriteAllText and fWriteAllLines function can print ( limited to 1024bits),

    We just want to export nothign else, than what is the most importnat for every game artists and game developer ( vertices, uvs, skin , joints, materials, morph, animation).

    something you like , SET IT FREE :)

    What we expect from Maya LT developpers at autodesk to apply with MelScripting for the new build :

    1. restore the full features of fopen (read, write and append mode)
    2. restore the full features of fprint
    3. restore the full features of fwrite
    4. restore the full features of feof
    5. restore the full features of fGetWord
    6. restore the full features of fGetLine

    NOTE: We want to keep compatibility with scripts that could possibly have been built around the following functions :

    - fWriteAllLines
    - fWriteAllText
    - fReadAllLines
    - fReadAllText

    Nicolas Kirsch
    @puppetmasternet on twitter

  • BoontaBoonta commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    yes to this!

    would enable the use of the headus UV mel script to send back and forth between programs when packing in Headus uv unwrap.


  • fuzzzzzzfuzzzzzz commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    from steam Forum , last year :

    p1ut0nium >I can't promise you'll see these improvements that you request, but I can promise that your requests will be looked at and taken seriously.

    how can I know if this request has been taken seriously ?, it has never been under review, and the request were deleted when AutoDesk has reseted the website, and forget to backup this request, as so many more ?

  • fuzzzzzzfuzzzzzz commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I don't understand why there is not that much votes for this request, because it the start for most of all the features that has been requested on the feedback website. Common Users might not understand that this request is the most important one fo all, cause it will open a way to create more pipeline tools.

  • fuzzzzzzfuzzzzzz commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    just to clarify :
    this feature will help to keep the compatibility with existent script that are still compatible with the mayaLT specificities. Especially when we need to write and read into external files. and run some shell commands.

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