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Fix new Crease Set Editor issues

While most of the old issues with creases being lost when doing certain operations have bee addressed in 2016 Update 2, there are new issues with the new system:
1. The new Crease Set Editor has debug output that cannot be turned off which decreases the performance when working with creases. Please add the option to disable this debug output.
2. Sometimes the logic that keeps the crease sets between operations will not work unless the Crease Set Editor is open! Which of course forces debug output in the Script Editor which reduces overall performance.

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    More to add:
    3. Mirroring the geometry with the Cut option on will break creases with or without having the Crease Set Editor open.
    4. Using Multicut or Insert Edge Loop will still randomly break creases.
    Here are my personal opinions regarding the implementation:
    The Python implementation looks tacked on by the looks of the debug output! The crease logic should be implemented with API calls just like soft/hard edges which work perfectly in Maya and have no issues with being broken usual modeling operations. I would argue that's even easier since it can be implemented without any assumptions for newly created edges, they can all have 0 crease, the important part is to keep old crease values without slowing down modeling.

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