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components mode shortcuts moved to F1 F2 F3 F4 and F5

Please move the shortcuts for switching to components, to F1, F2. F3, F4 and F5. Switch the Menu Presets shortcuts with Components Selection. We need the component shortcuts closer to the left hand. While modeling , the left hand is mostly hovering in the Alt, W, E, R area , that is the Left side of the keyboard. Having to go to the right side of the keyboard so to switch to components mode is not practical. I know i can change the shortcuts myself , which i already did, but i think is more intuitive to have it like that by default. This is needed partly also because the RMB marking menu for selecting components is not practical when you have multiple meshes on top of eachother. If the RMB marking menu would work while hovering over the :surface" and not over the wireframe while selecting , that would be better.

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