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RMB marking menu freezes Maya 2017

Trying to switch to components via RMB marking menu freezes Maya randomly or once in a while . This never happened before in the other versions of Maya. I have updated to latest Nvidia driver and still the same problem. This is a major blocking . Please address this very annoying Viewport 2/ RMB marking menu bug.Thanks.

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OvidiusTiberiusOvidiusTiberius shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

Thanks to help from one of the voters, DavidDeacon, the culprit has been identified: Navigate Graph in Bonus Tools 2017. This is a bonus tool that activates itself by default on installing the set of bonus tools, and by removing it, this particular memory leak issue disappears. So the good news is that you can still use Bonus Tools 2017 – you should just disable “Navigate Graph” (buildTraversalMM) watch this video to find out how to do so: .https://youtu.be/z71NeX03lOY?t=294

We’re continuing to investigate this on our end, but I thought I’d share David’s discovery with the rest of you.

Thanks for bringing this up and for those who voted it up.

We’re seeing reports of this, but we still haven’t been able to reproduce the issue on our end. And so without being able to reproduce the issue, we can’t identify what’s wrong and more importantly how to fix it.

For those who voted on this, can anyone provide me with a scene or specific steps so that we can attempt to reproduce it on our end? We have testers and beta users testing the software on a regular basis and have yet to run into this issue, and that could be because of a number of factors; system configuration, platform, input devices, graphics cards and drivers, Maya preferences, etc.

So the next time anyone runs into this and can at least give me hints as to what you were doing right before the crash occurred, that would be much appreciated. We’ll move fast on this one so long as we can repro it on our end. The next time you crash, save your preferences folder, zip it up and share it here or with me directly at trevor.adams@autodesk.com (a scene file would be a great bonus if you have that too).

One question for all of you: Who has Maya’s “Bonus tools” installed on their system?

Another question: What kind of input devices are you using?

And last question: What specific graphics card are you using?

We can isolate this one much faster with your help, so please do provide info if you have any more to share.

Thanks again for reporting this.


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  • DIVEDIVE commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    titan black w/ nvidia driver 361.75 here, bonus tools installed 2017, wacom intuos pro / 3d connexion space mouse enterprise, cintiq 27qhd

    i use the intuos in modeling with the 3d mouse. My screen will freeze in maya and i have to close it via task manager, it is with right click menus and I use them very quickly, so I notice when it crashes the little line you draw as you right click and change components, that will freeze on my screen...

    I've been pulling my hair out for days trying to fix this to get my course work done, reinstalled a clean windows back up, reinstalled maya, I will try uninstalling bonus tools.. hope that works.

    The only thing I lvoe about bonus tools is the hud display about edge length and vertex distance!

  • OvidiusTiberiusOvidiusTiberius commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    On my side i Have Bonus Tools for Maya 2017 U3 installed. I use Wacom Intuos 5 tablet while modleing and that's what was happening with. I got a Nvidia Gforce 1060 graphic card. Had no such issues in Maya 2016. Viewport 2 looks more unhappy with marking menus in 2017. The respondig time since the RMB ckick untill the selection of the menu is longer and clunkier .

  • KreatorKreator commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I was retopologising a series of zremeshed objects. jumping in and out of quadraw, with other typical poly tools .

    I did recently install bonus tools for 2017

    I have done the same operation before with patch 3 2017 without the Crashs... with bonus tools installed.

    To be clear they arent hard crashes, Maya freezes and memory leaks. I haven't been able to get mine back like the OP.

    I have just unistalled bonus tools 2017 and maya hasn't crashed in two hours of solid work, and seems stable.
    previously it would crash every time I switched tools and components alot.

    I have opened and worked in my original scenes that were originally crashing and they work fine now.

    So it looks like uninstalling bonus tools is a quick fix for me, but I cant speak for the others
    Thanks Trevor

    I am using gtx 590 card, 378.66 drivers win 7/24 gb ram, wacom tablet and mouse
    The crashes occured in VP2 and legacy high quality
    I tried DX11 and OGL2, both crashed.

    I have not restarted my machine since the crashes either to isolate.

    now all of the above seem stable.

  • KreatorKreator commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    this is happening constantly.
    i'm trying to retopologise a high poly model , and I cant progress,
    i have to kill maya, re- open continue , save then crash, reopen and start again
    seriously, I have stopped counting how many times this has happened.

    right click > drag to verts from face happens more than others.
    ive exported mesh as obj brought them back into new scenes, cleaned pref folder multiple times

    no joy .

    maya 2017 p3- win 7

  • OvidiusTiberiusOvidiusTiberius commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Trying to switch to components via RMB marking menu, means switching to Edges, Vettices Faces so on...... a constant used gesture very basic to most user's workflow.

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