What is a little tweak or change we can make to Maya?

My studio is going back to maya 2016 - massive viewport and QT problems impeding work

Too many problems to describe. We have a room full of advanced Maya users each with 10-20 years of maya experience, and we are fed up with maya 2017. Its a product with great new features but its so broken on the interface and display / prefs side that it makes daily work really unenjoyable and inefficient.

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gerardvokgerardvok shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

Thanks for all the feedback, everyone. I’m setting this entry to “Under Review” for a number of reasons:
- The subject line and vote count of this entry warrants direct and immediate attention – and I assure you, you’ve got it
- We’ve put a lot of resources on bug fixing lately and hopefully you’ll notice the improvements in upcoming major and minor (“Update”) releases
- A number of items brought up here are right now being worked on (e.g. Mr. Noo’s complaint about components moving locally at different speeds for objects with different scales and Gerard’s complaint that you can’t snap to a local rotation axis)
- We’re listening…

On that last point, we are looking everywhere for feedback on Maya’s latest releases and how we can improve its stability and robustness. Mr. Noo, you’re absolutely right – loads of features alone isn’t what encourages users to move to the next version; quality should always be the top priority. Again, we’re working hard on polishing and stabilizing Maya further. And with specific feedback (especially when logged as a defect directly to us like Gerard did), we can fix exactly what’s bothering/annoying/irritating you, and potentially blocking you from upgrading. Keep the honest feedback and votes coming … and I’ll look forward to resolving this entry as ‘Completed’ sooner than later (with your folks’ approval no less). Stay tuned.


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  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I have to say, I use Maya since the version 1.0. It is very painful the last 1-2 years with bug ,reconfiguration. Render layer problem, selection etc.

    First, Autodesk abandonned XSI. XSI people were angry so Autodesk try to please them putting some similar stuff into Maya. But now Maya people are not happy because it feel they break Maya..

    Look around you will see were XSI and Maya 3d guy are migrating. It not Autodesk product.

    I guess Autodesk are aware but do they have time do recover the damage in time??!

    Thank you

  • Rafael SegniniRafael Segnini commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    JavierE said it all.
    What an horrible experience I'm having with the new Render Setup.
    Imagine yourself building the render layers and it's collections and overrides, closing the scene, opening again and it's all gone. Then you try to fix something and a fatal error occurs.
    Lots of overrides cannot be made because "procedure could not find 'itens'" (sometimes this can be solved when reopening the scene). Objects collections lose material overrides A LOT.
    When switching to the "Legacy Render layers" it just don't work as it was intended (like applying shaders will not create an override as it used to) because they modified the stuff entirely to comport the broken and unfinished Render Setup. That is lame.
    So, the rendering scheme in Maya 2017 is broken to the core. Not only that, but very old problems still persist. It is unusable.
    My studio is not only considering going back to Maya 2016, but in future change the main software at all.
    I'm gonna say this again: If you speed run with the Maya development projects only to fill an anual release schedule, you're gonna fail every time. And that's what is happening for the last 7 years.
    I'm sorry, but it's true.

  • syracojsyracoj commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    So, you are saying you were not able to run batch at all because there were no prefs. So your IT had to startup Maya manually on every system to generate the necessary prefs in order for batch to work?

  • saajjjsaajjj commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I work with JavierE and our studio too has recently decided to abandon our switch to Maya 2017. We were doing a fairly simple project to test the waters and Maya 2017 has been an absolute nightmare.

    IT, literally, logged in to each machine with the same user as used by the render management software, started Maya 2017 and then shut it down (after it became fully responsive). That's it. No amount of automation would fix the issues unless it was a manual login/startup/shutdown.

  • syracojsyracoj commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    I'm curious about:
    We had to get out IT guys to literally launch Maya 2017 manually on every machine and close it afterwards just so it could be used in batch mode, otherwise it would crash when first running mayapy/mayabatch....

    could you please ask the IT guys who addressed this problem specifically what they did?

  • JavierEJavierE commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Just voted with +3.

    I hope the following doesn't come across as rude, I don't mean to be, I'm just exposing what we've found.

    The only thing I don't agree with is that this isn't just about viewport and/or Qt issues, it's across the board, even stuff that has been in the core for over a decade suddenly has stopped working.

    Maya 2017 (Ext3, latest as of this writing) is probably the most unstable release to date.

    Example: Locking any reference crashes Maya.

    Another example: We had to get out IT guys to literally launch Maya 2017 manually on every machine and close it afterwards just so it could be used in batch mode, otherwise it would crash when first running mayapy/mayabatch, whilst this may not seem an issue for a single user or small studio, it's literally the worst thing one could come up with for larger studios. We still don't know what exactly "fixed it" but Maya seems to create more than just the preferences folder on first UI-launch, and we know that because mass-deploying a pre-created preferences folder to all studio machines still didn't fix it (this is under windows)

    Having an RnD/software engineering background and seeing this stuff just makes me think that either Autodesk or the Maya team does not have a regression test suite of any kind (worrying), or their engineers just keep changing stuff without knowing the repercussions of what they are changing and thus not writing the relevant (required) new tests, which is even more worrying, thinking of having someone working on core stuff (junior?) that can't foresee these issues.

    You asked for examples, here is another one since you asked for it, the Render Setup plugin is unfinished and undocumented after a release and a half (2016.5) there is no python/mel documentation for it so forget about having an official/legal way to create render layers via script (we still use the old ones in automated scripts) and it's so buggy that I find it hard to understand how it was even allowed to be exposed out of the beta in the first place. As an example, in our studio we overwrite the python exception hook so we can get any tracebacks automatically emailed to us from our pipeline scripts, we had to add a filter for maya-shipped scripts because renderSetup.py was literally sending us hundreds of emails per hour, and this was only after allowing a selective group of people in small shows test maya 2017 (about 5 or 6 people tops) and the main reason we decided to move to it was to use the fancy new render layers, but we learned that they do not work as advertised the hard way.

    Please do test everything and make sure it works for Ext4, wasting 20min to write this has been nothing compared to the amount of time we've wasted and we will waste trying to make a supposed "off the shelf" software to work in a studio environment.

    The previous release that we considered stable and used was Maya 2015 Ext1 SP5, can't wait to go back to it until this all sorts out.

    Please if anyone has solutions for the stuff listed above send reply with with comments, reading about the same issues has confirmed that we're not the only ones having these issues, it really helped.

  • stevedavy1stevedavy1 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I can also confirm that I have advised my place of work not to upgrade to Maya 2017 for all the same reasons.

  • Mr NooMr Noo commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Things like local transformation mode moving components the wrong speed when the object is scaled, the MASH editor not updating at all unless I un-dock then dock it, Maya freezing inexplicably so I can't force quit it and my computer doesn't shut down. You put a lot of features in there, now you have a LOT of cleaning up to do so we can use them. I am using MAYA at home, but couldn't recommend it to the studio I work at. My subscription runs out soon and if the stability isn't fixed, it will be weird for me to give you guys any more of my hard-earned.

  • HamburgerTrainHamburgerTrain commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Autodesk need an audit on their Q&A department. It is currently in shambles at the moment.

    There are serious bugs introduced every update and I agree with everyone else to be paying so much money for a sub and not being able to use it in production is concerning. This isn't an emotional response either. Basic things that are not checked with the Q&A process. For instance in Maya 2017 Update 3, the -preRender flag will crash every renderer out there when doing a batch render.

    Not to mention prefs corrupting, plugins STILL don't remember their load settings, VP issues (instances don't display properly after years). There really needs to be more work put into polishing Maya than integrating features from other developers.

  • KreatorKreator commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I would like to throw in my two cents worth as well, to illustrate the problem you are setting up for the future by releasing such a buggy version.
    for 6 years I've have tried to get the college I work at back to maya for our 3d courses in animation games and vfx.
    I had to retrain staff from other 3d packages in maya to make this possible.
    now we have deployed maya, the 1st year to 3rd year students are all using it.

    the problem is .. its really buggy and crashes and I cant begin to tell you how much this inhibits learning your program or 3d in general.
    Staff complain, students complain and I cant fix all the bugs with the usual workarounds developed over the last 16 years because they no longer apply, nor do I know any workarounds for the new and constant bugs

    Maya will end up facing the black list because we cant afford the failures and loss of time due to bugs and while teaching students "3d". This is creating record levels of student/staff disatisfaction

    i'm sure I not the only 3d educator to face this problem. but you guys are well on track to lose an entire generation to other packages.

    I personally teach around 150 3D students a year. I'm sure there are colleges/ universities with more and less, but regardless, there is a price to pay for the buggy software you have put out.

    IT staff are sick of redeploying enitre network/software patches for 150 seats, just for one buggy piece of software's updates, that was already wearing thin with 2016.

    I feel that maya 2017( as cool as the new features are), may cause a return to other packages, because students just dont know any better and we have to teach without these types of disruptions, as it affects our intake and return.

    this last comment is sobering for you I hope.;
    The majority of senior students all refer to maya as a buggy software, and use other 3d packages at home.
    Maya 2017 seems to be its own worst enemy.

  • crabo0omcrabo0om commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    is there anything specific? lol!!!

    Just everything!!!! Just open maya 2017 and try to work with it, you can´t miss the bugs, they are everywhere. Maybe an Exterminator will do the job for you at autodesk or maybe you have to not let trainees do the job, what is wrong at Autodesk the last few years?

  • ZiggyMoonshineZiggyMoonshine commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Gerardvok, thank you for the Local Rotation Axis snapping tip! That bug has been driving me nuts and it never occurred to me to try snapping in legacy.

  • rubberrobotrubberrobot commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I have to agree with gerardvok, there are so many UI issues with 2017 its becoming a real fight to work with. It seems every time i use it, there is a new bug.

    I have crashes when trying to snap objects to other object verts, selection priority issues, mesh display issues..windows popping up empty, resizing automatically, windows docking by themselves..the list just goes on. You really have shown your testing department isnt doing its job.

    I mean the first version of 2017 you couldn't click reload on the texture node, and then after fixing it in update 2, you broke the color management part of it...these are basics, its as though the people are presuming they have fixed it without even looking.

  • gerardvokgerardvok commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    another. Cant snap to a local rotation axis in Viewport 2.0. Seems you still can (thank God) in legacy.. I've logged this a week or two ago.. just another VP2.0 flaw

  • gerardvokgerardvok commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Sorry for being direct here but the fact that you ask for specifics is an indication that you don't have people doing any actual day to day production testing at Autodesk. Either that or you need to sit a guy down with a note pad next to a group of 3D artist on a production and watch 2017 throw speed bump after speed bump at the user. Seriously these are bugs that can't be missed. Disappearing geometry, selectable then suddenly unselectable nodes, nodes selectable in some panels and not in others, panels losing focus resulting in additional clicks just to select things, or causing hotkeys which are inexplicably context sensitive causing things to happen that were not expected, viewport display bugs everywhere (and these are on a lot of good GTX cards from 770 to 1070's with latest drivers). Phantom panels that appear out of nowhere with nothing in them - BUT dont close them or Maya will crash!!.. well partially crash then freeze. Preferences are constantly getting screwed. We blow them away almost daily (particularly the lighters). OTher settings not getting saved.. We have actually started moving our projects back to maya 2016. Maya 2017 is broke. You can probably get around some of them or ignore the hassle of others if you have general work but anything slightly complicated - forget it it's just not worth the update. Shape editing is amazing but the rest of the guys here cant justify the change from 2016. There are also the other bugs that have been logged for ages such as local rotation axis being different (as in different rotation angles!!) in viewport than in legacy. Put a guy in our room and you'll have pages of this insanity. And why on earth did you guys need to update QT? Was it really that important? Apart for re-jigging all our interfaces with shims to now deal with both versions of QT between 2016 and 2017, the QT update is causing maya UI instability (eg phantom panels, and panels randomly resizing etc)

    I suggest you check you bug database because I have logged a lot of these already with videos illustrating the problems as they happen, as have my coworkers.

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