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Improve Crease workflow with better display (heatmap) and quick selections in the crease context.

If a modeler picks up someone else's work that uses creases on a complex model. It is hard to instantaneously see or get a feel for what edges have what creasing value and how to select sets of creased edges that share the same crease value. You can use selection sets but that workflow is a bit slow or could be improved for creases.

What I propose is an option to firstly display creasing on edges as a heatmap. Edges with low creasing = blue , medium creasing = green / yellow, high amount of creasing = red.

Secondly, when a crease is created on the current selection it is stored automatically, as a quickly select-able 'selection set' in the creasing attributes that can be re-selected instantly and the artist can clearly see what selection set is linked to what edges in the same menu. To avoid having to re-select everything or go through the selection sets menu's which can be slow.

See attached image for proposed crease display workflow.

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