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Cutting surface by snapping to on another polygon object for Multi-cut tool

It would be great if Multi-cut tool has the feature to slice a surface based on another polygon object (on top of each other). Its quite similar to quad-draw tool. Currently, it would be possible by creating two curves that mimic those two polygon surfaces and project one to another then convert it later which double your work after all. Or you can slice the surface in simi-close manner and then re-snap those cutting vertices to align it to reference object vertices. I believe such feature will enhance the workflow and the accuracy of our work by 100%.

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    Assuming we have two polygon objects (a & b) and b is in top of a as a reference. I select b object and make it live object. Then I select a object and hit Multi-cut tool and start the cutting process. The tool should be aware for reference object vertices by snapping the cut vertices to it.

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