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All in one Polygon Reduction Tool

Create a new Polygon Reduction Tool based on the already existing Target Weld Tool and the Delete Edge Loop Tool and Collapse Edge Ring Tool from Bonus Tools as follows:
The tool should be usable with a Live Surface, similar to Quad Draw or Multi-Cut. The Ctrl+Shift+RMB menus for these 3 tools should be updated to allow quick switching between the 3.
Upon activation the mesh switches to multi component mode.
LMB: Target Weld with Target option activated (default Target Weld Tool behavior)
MMB: Target Weld with Center option activated ((default Target Weld Tool behavior)
Note1: Because the mesh is in multi component mode, the user would be able to target weld vertices as well as edges without switching between component selection modes.
Tab: Allows the user to paint select faces. After releasing the Tab key, the user would be able to LMB/MMB to collapse the face selection and target weld the resulting vertex using the default Target Weld behavior.
Shift + LMB: Delete Edge Loop Tool (with preview highlight)
Shift + MMB: Collapse Edge Ring Tool (with preview highlight)
Ctrl + LMB: Delete
Ctrl + MMB: Delete Edge/Vertex (Ctrl + Delete)

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