How can we improve Maya?

glTF support is needed for VR/AR industry

Those of us in the VR/AR industry are rapidly embracing the glTF 2.0 file format.

Sites like Sketchfab are embracing this format and it is gaining momentum.

However, right now, creating glTF assets is very difficult-- there are a few ways of converting existing formats but most of them are extremely cumbersome, require other software (Blender, for example), and are generally not very robust yet.

I will speak on behalf of us in the VR/AR industry in saying that we really need the support of companies like Autodesk to help us.

Seeing as Autodesk is listed as one of the companies supporting glTF, I would love to know what kind of timeline we're dealing with for getting native export support from Maya and other 3d packages.

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