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Provide a Pose Manager for Maya's Control Rig Like "Studio Library"


Maya's FK/IK characterization tool for the Biped Characters is incredible. It seems like we can import any 3d model, map the bones, characterize it in Maya and create animations using the control rig attached to a character.

So, it would be ultra cool, if Maya provided a Poses Manager similar to "Studio Library." That way, we can create preset poses and apply to any character's control rig. A poses manager library will drastically speed up our animation workflow, and we won't have to keep creating similar animations for different characters or copy paste them from other projects, etc.

Since all the character bones are mapped to Maya's Biped Character, if your library stores the poses referencing Maya's biped character control rig, we should be able to apply the same poses to any 3d model (as long as its bones are mapped to Maya's Biped character).

A library like Studio Library will also allow us to share poses across the team or departments as well.

I hope you will see the strengths of these kinds of tools and the efficiency it brings to one's workflow.


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