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Constant Crease Edge Tool Option & Smart Subdivision

It would be cool if it was possible to Crease Edges so that the round corner would be constant all the way instead of relative to the distance to the neighbouring edge. Please also invent an algorithm to turn Crease polygons into smart subdivided Polygons that only have as much subdivisions as necessary for full quality display. And allow for higher values than 4. The current crease system is ok but it feels old and needs some touching up.

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  • mickeal_alex commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Zbrush has dynamic subdivision that does this(qgrid), the limitation that that system has is that it creases every edge and i don't think it's possible to disable some edges. The bevel was supposed to be the replacement for this with the addition of chamfer but it doesn't do a good job on more complex objects.

  • saintofkickers commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Oh, I see that higher values than 4 are actually already supported but they wont become readable unless the mesh smooth level is at least as high as that number (one higher actually)

    Still, a smart subdivision algorithm would be really great because right now going beyond 4 just kills performance and subdivided polygons look way too dense with way too many unecessary subdivisions

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