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Hypershade - Faster Node Creation

The main problem with the Hypershade is that many of the things are very repedetive. Here are some suggestions to make it much faster to work with.

Tab Node creation:
For example for creating a file node I would expect the behavior like this:

press[TAB]--> Type "fil"--> press[Enter] --> file node created

Right now the user has to push downArrow 3 times and couciously select a projection type, wich is very unintuitive. Better to put the mostly used type as autofill and leave the other two in the dropdown box below for manual selection.

Quick Insert:
If you hit [TAB] over a connection line and create a node, the new node could be inserted between the existing nodes. For example to create a remapHSV node between a file- and a ShaderNode.

Duplicating Nodes:
If the user hits Ctrl+D just create the duplicated node at mouse position and not in a places far of window.

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