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Attribute Editor - clearer, smarter UI

Please overhaul Attribute Editor in similiar way as the new Hypershade.
Good example: In the new Node graph of the Hypershade I can choose between
- show me all available attributes
- show me just connected attributes
- show me only the most common used attributes
This is something which the Attribute Editor is still missing.
AND there are two more important things, that should be easy to see at a glance:
- Where have been default values changed (display tab colored?)
- Where are MEL expressions hidden? (and maybe I can get them displayed just by hoovering with the mouse over that tab)
As a photoshop user to me looks the attribute editor as if someone would put all possible adjustments layers in a layer document, regardless if they are needed or not.
When I only for example change from a shader its Diffuse, it would be good, just to have that Diffuse tab highlighted (or colored).
- If we could customize UI Colors for Tabs. That would help also in that gre desert.
- If you would save more space with a better layout (I saw already an suggestion here in forum)
- If it would be easier two compare two different nodes (I know, I can "copy tab", but maybe you will find a smarter way or make it possible to have two nodes displayed stacked)
- If you could store all values before and after at each tab with a temporary preset. Of course we can save everything as presets, but it would get messed up. It is only a need, to compare values before and after a session (in photoshop this is layer comps)
It would be similar to the bonus tool "store values" but it would not been saved at the shelf, but inside the Attribute Editor of that particular node.
- search function for Attributes, that only displays the searched Tab
- button: "show me directly this node in Hypershade"
Just some of many possible ideas...

Thanks for voting and considering!

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