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Transform handle improvements

I brainstormed some ideas on making the transform handles in Maya less cluttered and easier to use.

FIrst off, see the attached image which should explain everything I am proposing.

1) 3d Pyramid handles instead of flat round ones to give more 3d cues.
2) Plane handles only appear when CTRL is held down (essentially the same as CTRL clicking on a handle is now)

3) Screen plane box only appears when CTRL is held down. An option to turn back on this in the regular transform handles is given.

4) You can turn off the Arrow Lines completely if you prefer and just use the pyramids and planes.

5) Plane box becomes a circle to make it easier to see.

6) When transform is off screen, it appears bottom left or next to the view cube along with an arrow to denote which direction it is in off screen. An option to leave this on even when on screen would be nice.

I have a full set of these transform redesigns, plus a bunch of extra more advance settings. Holler if you want to see them :)

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