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Implement Max's Graphite Modeling Tool in Maya please!

Maya is still way behind in modeling . With all the effort put lately in it, Maya is still an inferior tool for professional modeling in comparison with Max. Please implement all Max's Graphite Modeling Toolkit in Maya ! Also give us a better and more procedural modeling history like max's modifiers. If you want to make Maya an animation and FX software ONLY, say it ! If not i suggest you guys keep up, 'cause we suffer of lack of proper modern modeling tools in this software.

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  • JCalesJCales commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    As I commented on another modeling improvement, this would make modeling faster in Maya as well.

    C4D on Mac, hold down CMD (Apple Key) while the element is selected, then click-drag. An element is extruded. This works on both poly-faces and poly-segments.

    On Windows, this would probably be the CTRL key.

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