How can we improve Maya?

Implement "grouping" in the Node Editor (like in Houdini, Softimage ICE, Fabric Engine Subgraphs)

Basically, we need a functionnlity similar to:
- Houdini "Digital Assets"
- Softimage ICE "Compounds"
- Fabric Engine "SubGraphs"

We should be able to:
- Group nodes by consolidating their inputs and outputs into one (implode)
- Ungroup node (explode)
- Register a group for future reuse (should be versionnable)
- Change the used version for a registered group instance
- Export/Import a registered group

This would greatly enhance the rigging/fx workflow and allow people to share their work on the internets.

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  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    would be perfect, that's one of the only thing that's really make people go on other software when dealing with complicates effects which needs big node structure

    otherwise to be able to reuse it we need to import the scene and try to see what's what, wich stuff need to ne connected, etc

    Would be perfect to be able to group or concatenate a set of node and only publish the important inputs and outputs

  • sciloopsciloop commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    WTF, me and others ask for this essential feature for more than 5 years. hypershade and hypergraph hugely suck. Its such a shame that all sorts of half baked functionality is added year for year but the containers still don`t work for the new node editor.

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