How can we improve Maya?

Implement "grouping" in the Node Editor (like in Houdini, Softimage ICE, Fabric Engine Subgraphs)

Basically, we need a functionnlity similar to:
- Houdini "Digital Assets"
- Softimage ICE "Compounds"
- Fabric Engine "SubGraphs"

We should be able to:
- Group nodes by consolidating their inputs and outputs into one (implode)
- Ungroup node (explode)
- Register a group for future reuse (should be versionnable)
- Change the used version for a registered group instance
- Export/Import a registered group

This would greatly enhance the rigging/fx workflow and allow people to share their work on the internets.

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  • sciloopsciloop commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    WTF, me and others ask for this essential feature for more than 5 years. hypershade and hypergraph hugely suck. Its such a shame that all sorts of half baked functionality is added year for year but the containers still don`t work for the new node editor.

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